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WHAT?????  I love daylight savings. I love summer. I love long days and late afternoon swims and beach picnics (and ahem.. my birthday's in January!). BUT I also love stunning sunset's in my family sessions. Daylight savings makes sunset's later.. which means little ones need to stay up later for their photo shoots.. which means capturing your beautiful faces in that golden light is just that little bit harder when you need to keep your little ones happy (when they are probably usually due to go to bed/ eat dinner/ bringing end-of-day-domestic chaos your way). ENTER AUTUMN/ WINTER FAMILY SESSIONS! No more worrying about keeping the little ones awake for your sunset session.. because sunset gets earlier and earlier! Bye bye Summer (sigh), but hello to your early bird family sessions.



Poppy Peterson PhotographyPoppy Peterson Photography MY FAVE!

If I could choose the perfect time to have a family session, it would be this magic hour.. every. single. time. It's that time just before the sun goes down - you will see me get REALLY excited when the light hits that moment.. the time is limited (but I always time your session so that we are super relaxed and into the swing of things by the time the sun is performing for us). I also easily do daytime or at-home sessions for your family - but tell me this.. sun flairs, golden light on your skin, illuminating your little one's hair like an angel.. milky, hazy air  ( here in Wollongong/ the Illawarra, sometimes on the beaches the salt in the air can light up thanks to the glorious sun), the shadows are gentle - the lighting is even across your face.. and you all look RADIANT. Tell me.. what is wrong with that?! Yup.. nothing at all! I get all giddy just thinking about it!!!!!


                                                                BUT IT'S C.C.C.COLD!

WORTH FAM BAM CLR PRINT-99WORTH FAM BAM CLR PRINT-99www.poppypeterson.com.au The tradeoff can be that it is a little bit cooler on the beach - the solution; we have fun, rugging you up as part of the styling process prior to your shoot (check out my blog on what to wear). Little girls in boots and beanies - family snuggles in one blanket - little red noses peeping out over giant scarves - the natural urge to snuggle and curl into each other as the wind comes off the ocean.. these are all incredible elements that our autumn and winter family sessions come with naturally.




So, the next time you are at the beach or out and about - have a look at what the sun is doing just before it goes down.. assuming there is no cloud cover you may just see what I am going on about.  


Poppy Peterson PhotographyPoppy Peterson Photography



Have a look at a complete gallery from a recent session in Bombo - just near Kiama. This whole album is in the safe hands of this family - choosing a fave was impossible!!




Because I do what I do (and I nerd out big time on lighting), I know just where to place you to take advantage of this stunning time of day - if you are after radiant images of your family to pop up on your wall, drop me a line and let's get planning your snuggly, golden family photo session!



xox's Pops


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GODDESS PACKAGE http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/goddess-package GODDESS PACKAGE

fun + tasteful + empowering



I’m super excited to announce the addition of an exclusive new maternity package to my range of photography packages – the Goddess Package.

While I still LOVE to create organic maternity photographs, complete with gorgeous natural light and stunning outdoor settings; my mamas-to-be now also have the option of a high-end portraiture-style session.

Goddess Package options

I deliver Goddess sessions in the privacy of my Shell Cove studio, which includes everything we need to ensure the session is comfortable, stress-free and above all, fun!

Think kilos of feathers or gold leaf, metres of lush fabrics and much, much more. There are so many fun props that flatter the female form and, in particular, a gorgeous bump – my talent is putting the two together to create over-the-top, BUT completely tasteful and elegant images.


My inspiration

The inspiration for my Goddess Package evolved from my love of old-Hollywood icons like Marilyn Munroe, the ethereal art of Botticelli and the captivating portraiture of celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. 

Basically, I am obsessed with negative space. I love taking my mama-to-be and your burgeoning belly and contrasting it against a blank canvas – it’s so powerful. My images appear to float, drape and suspend the figure in an oversized set up so it is seemingly weightless, and the results are striking.

The Goddess Package is exclusive to Poppy Peterson Photography. No one else is doing maternity photography like this in the Illawarra– not even close! I have clients travelling from all over Sydney for our sessions and even interstate.. I actually get enquiries from my peers about these sessions, which is super flattering.


Is it for you?

“Felt very relaxed, comfortable and happy throughout the shoot. Would do it again in a heartbeat…”

Goddess sessions are about CELEBRATING mamas-to-be. Pregnancy can often be all about the baby, but these sessions are all about celebrating YOU and capturing you looking and feeling amazing. 

I’ll consult with you on set up and styling and it will be just us in the studio on the day. Sessions take 2 to 4 hours and you can go nude or wear underwear –  I’ll drape and submerge to flatter your best angles and ensure you look and feel completely at ease.

Now really is the time to do something just for you!

Package details

Do you know a mama-to-be who would love to release their inner Goddess? Share this blog, send them a Gift Certificate or drop me a line with any questions.

Full GODDESS GALLERY available to view here.
























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Finally! My Signature Frame Has Arrived! http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/my-signature-frame-has-arrived Printing your photos to create beautiful pieces for your home.


I AM SO EXCITED!!! As in, Christmas, birthday, Easter, times 1000 excited! Here is the story of how my all-time dream frame came to life. And as a geeky photographer, no doubt you can imagine this is a subject close to my fluttery, photo-loving heart. Getting my families images off the screen and into my home.


Here is my video on my all-time fave new piece!



To Begin...

So, we have had your session, you have waited to see your sneak peek of your photo shoot, you have ummed and ahh'd over your favourite selects from your newborn photo session or perhaps it was a family shoot on location with me in Wollongong (the Illawarra has the most incredible locations!) or a maternity shoot in my studio..  however we happy snapped your beautiful faces, you now have some precious forever images in your gallery on your computer.


Family Session image selection to printingFamily Session image selection to printing

And then..?

OK - so the next step is... PRINTING! I was at this point recently after grabbing my children for a quick update session (they grow and change so quickly that my prints of them from last year were in need of some updating). As I sat, looking at my favourite shot from the session I started to think, if I could display it in any way in the world - how would I choose to do it?  Would it be a canvas, a floating frame, acrylic, traditional standard framing... I thought, "Pops! This is totally up your alley - you love photography, you love interior design, you have a kick bum printer and well.. hurry up and make this happen!". So online I went, hello Pinterest stalking/ googling/ screenshotting and so, my brainstorming began. I threw some pics to my printer with an email apologising for my crazy out-of-the-box idea, asking if he could help me. And boy, did he ever! He called me in for a meeting, assured me I wasn't as nutty as I thought (I am sure he has to say that!) and we began looking at the MOST spectacular papers and timbers along with solutions and concepts to create this dream frame of mine. We juggled different combinations of quality materials to create a beautiful piece whilst maintaining affordability.


Getting down to dollars and cents..

I kept in mind that my client's budgets may vary, however, what is consistent across the board is their impeccable taste and style - we created this frame to allow multiple budgets to access a crisp, contemporary and high-end piece for their walls that is still affordable.

Obviously, a Kmart frame is always going to cost less - and sure, they are great for quick additions if you are in a hurry or if you simply don't have the funds to invest. I get it. But it will never be perfect (the backs of the frames ping out, the "glass" is often perspex and the plastic frames scratch and chip incredibly easily - on a side note, tell me, what have you used to close those fiddlyy frames.. spoons, hammers, shoes? And don't get me started on the nail spliting I have endured from those frames years ago) and it will never be at the museum grade that my printer delivers. Creating your print with me is investing in bespoke craftsmanship that is hand checked four times before delivery, prints are dried for a week before being placed behind glass, you are acquiring an heirloom, archival piece that genuinely will last a lifetime. And sure, I am probably one of the most sentimental people you will meet (hey! I crafted my career around capturing memories! so, no surprises there really),  but I feel there are few things more valuable than documenting and preserving your families story, your little ones fast and milestone-full early years.




I personally make the choice to celebrate these oh-so-fleeting moments in our home. Although time seems to speed by as you look back at how quickly your little ones have grown, when this frame went up on my wall, I kicked back with my cup of tea and re-lived our windy afternoon playing in the grass with our kidlettes. I would trade my Mimco baby bag for that in a heart beat (and guess what, the Mimco bag cost more!).


Make it your own.. it's all yours.

Every frame can be customised with and without torn edges, image bleeds and paper choices - this signature frame is how I choose to display my forever images in my home and if it is almost you, but not quite, I can tweak it to suit exactly what you have in mind. Through this process, I have so enjoyed the realisation of concept to completion. A crazy idea is now hanging on my wall, with my beautiful little cherubs smiling out at me giving me a silly smile... and now I want to make that journey available to you.


To celebrate this beautiful piece being added to my collection, I have a very special price available for a limited time. I just love it SO much, I want everyone I happy snap to have it! Call me crazy - if I could do an Oprah "YOU GET A FRAME AND  YOU GET A FRAME AND YOU GET A FRAME" moment, I would. And hey, if my bank balance is ever as lush as Oprah's, believe me.. you will ALL get a gallery full of frames!!!  Until then, here is my very special package - for you to enjoy your very own  Signature Frame, to tell your story! And if you are thinking about a Mothers Day pressie, Gift Certificates are also available.


Signature Frame Debut Special Price - Limited time.

For a limited time, I am thrilled to offer this beautiful frame at a significantly reduced price to make it that little bit easier for you to have such a luxurious and beautiful piece up on your wall, making you smile! 

10 x 14" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $220 

14 x 20" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $280 (as pictured above)

18 x 26" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $350

12 x 12 fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $220

17 x 17" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $280

22 x 22" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $350 


Custom Print Frame Tasmanian oak Fine Art PaperCustom Print Frame Tasmanian oak Fine Art Paper













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4 REASONS WHY I LOVE IN HOME NEWBORN SESSIONS http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/4-reasons-why-i-love-in-home-newborn-sessions 4 REASONS WHY I LOVE IN HOME NEWBORN SESSIONS



Thank you to Ash, Bass and Baby Poppy Bloom for letting me share your in-home newborn session.


Baby, baby, baby - you have finally arrived! Having your baby in your arms is big news - this is big effort - this is downright amazing! Having a baby is such a huge turning point in your life - for some, it really does feel like everything stops - life only exists within the four walls of your hospital room.. and then, you get home, and your world only exists within your home. Michael Jackson and Elvis could suddenly do a Back-From-The-Dead Revival Concert.. and you wouldn’t know it.


This portrait of Poppy was shot in her loungeroom.
POPPY BLOOM-6POPPY BLOOM-6www.poppypeterson.com.au



Having your baby - being at home. Nothing really trumps that, and everything else kind of pales in significance. Yes - it's big news. It's baby bubble goodness - bathing at home for the first time Learning to eat with one hand whilst snuggling your little one in the other.. hilarious.. messy... It is hard work - it is experiencing sleep deprivation in marathon form whilst your body recovers from the birth experience. Wowser.



POPPY BLOOMPOPPY BLOOMwww.poppypeterson.com.au



Realising that to leave the house now, you need to anticipate the needs of your little one before you leave is a new mindset. To head to the shops, you used to pick up your car keys, wallet, phone.. and off you went.

Now, you pack:

- The baby bag

- Nappies 

- 3 changes of clothes (when a poonami strikes you want to have options)

- Wipes

- Swaddles

- Sudocream 

- Nipple shields/ breastfeeding cover/ bottles

- Spare socks 

- Oh, and WHERE is that blanket that is the perfect combination of softness and warmth (but not too much warmth)..


See? I get it! Been there, done that and most definitely over packed the car one too many times with both of my babies. Leaving the house for the first time is a big deal and I even remember pre-packing the car mentally the night before. 



Here's the thing, packing up my car and coming to you.. it's not a big deal. In fact - keeping your experience NEWBORN poppyNEWBORN poppy of our session as simple, convenient and stress-free as possible is kind of a big deal to me.. You can answer the door in your PJ’s, sporting a few extra vommie spots on your shoulder and a cup of well-deserved coffee in hand (I love it when you do that)! Another perk, you won't forget to pack the extra nappy, favourite blanket or wipes because they are all at home.. with you.. as it should be. Ta-da! Stress is gone - baby bubble still intact. This is why I travel for my newborns (from Shellharbour, Wollongong to Sydney and beyond) - the option to come to my studio is always there for those who would prefer not to shoot in home - but I have yet to have a single newborn session in the studio. No surprises there.



What I also love about having your sessions at home is that we can really capture your new domestic life as a family - your lifestyle session is easy - you know how to sit on the comfy part of your couch or kick back on your bed. It is all so familiar to you and this translates into your images - it is fresh, relaxed, contemporary and genuinely natural. And if you are ever worried that perhaps your house won't photograph well, you would be surprised what I can do with a little bit of rearranging of furniture to have just the right amount of light backlighting you or I can even extend backgrounds in editing so that your kitchen doesn’t exist anymore and instead it's a white wall..! I'm geeky like that.. so we can always work with whatever you give me.



So, if the idea of staying at home in your baby bubble is appealing then drop me a line when you know when your little one is due to arrive. Don't forget to book in advance - I have started receiving bookings for July and August now.


Hopefully, you will be answering your door to me, rocking your PJ's like nobodies business, with your fresh little one in your arms soon!


XOX’s Pops


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MUM'S REALLY ARE AMAZING (+ A SUPER DOOPER MOTHERS DAY PACKAGE) http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/i-love-mums---here-is-why-and-a-special-mothers-day-package I'M A MAMA FAN... A BIG ONE! 





Meeting the number of mothers that I do, you would have to assume that I like them. Well, yup.. I sure do! In fact, mothers never cease to amaze and inspire me. As a  mother myself I have a fair idea of the ins and outs of the brilliantly chaotic, heart bursting, loved up motherhood journey. Well, my version of motherhood anyway. And this is what I’m getting at - every single Mama I work with does it her own way, with her own flair. To me, that is magic. your unique mothering flavour.. so well considered and part of your core. When we begin our photography journey Poppy Peterson PhotographyPoppy Peterson Photography at your maternity session (it may be one of our crazy beautiful GODDESS SESSIONS in studio or location sessions around the Illawarra/ Wollongong area ); as we are celebrating that complete whizz bang miracle in our session who is tap dancing on your bladder.. I see you unknowingly wrap your arms around your belly, soothe your baby as you rub your tummy in circular motions, you wriggle slightly within your ribs as your little one takes another tour of their quickly shrinking digs, and you look down, you have “that” knowing smile - the Mama smile.. it starts from your belly and curls its way all the way to your eyes. Innate. Warm. Beautiful.  Two hearts in one bod.. it’s just amazing (and when you go and start cooking twins.. or triplets! Well dang, drop mic, you rock. my. world. woman!)! 





UPDATE-21UPDATE-21 Sometimes we don’t meet until your moment of perfection has already arrived - your darling, teeny tiny newborn baby.. and somehow that teeny tiny newborn has just super sized your heart. Boom - there it is. That love everyone told you about.. now you get it.. now you can simply look down at that little neck nuzzler for 8 hours straight.. and feel you have done all you need to with your day. And you are bang on correct in feeling that way. Your devotion, your journey into parenthood. Seeing your other half not just as your favourite grown-up human (unless they had forgotten to pick up the Camembert/ prosciutto/ sashimi you can finally enjoy again) BUT as someone else’s Parent. Now that is life changing - insert hormonal tears here!



My heart pretty much outshone Sydney’s NYE fireworks display when I met my daughter, Charlotte. Falling in love with her, as she held her Dad's finger, seconds after she was born..

I swore I would give my last breath, so she could take her next.

She lit my Mama fire.

First moment againFirst moment again Charlotte is gloriously fierce - she is brilliant, intelligent, stubborn and fast witted. In other words, she is 4. She is the girl of my dreams. Anywho - this beautiful little girl (who we affectionately call Smoosh) made me a Mother  (who lately, has started calling me Pops.. whaaat?!)- she began my path into this crazy world of raising humans. I rubbed her in my tum before anyone else knew she was here - I watched her move the bath water with her kicks whilst still inside my belly and she was the first person on this earth to call me MUM.

I still can't believe we made her!!!




The connection between mothers and their children fascinate me - I want to celebrate it, capture it, create those moments with 13923266_10154489049649009_7571100803316356616_o13923266_10154489049649009_7571100803316356616_o you where you forget I'm there and you nuzzle into your family bubble. Few things are as unique and precious really. I love celebrating the Dad bond too... don’t get me wrong.. seeing my kids assume my husband’s body like the armchair of their dreams, well that is sensational too (my heart swells, I catch myself dreaming of making more bebes.. then sober up out of my baby dust dreams when I remember how much sleep I don’t have any more with my two bed thieves as it is!). The bond between a mother and her children - I adore (can you tell?).  I also wish I could capture more moments of being with my own children (ho hum.. selfies don’t cut it!). There is no news in saying that Mama Bears will happy snap their families often.. but who happy snaps the family pics WITH their Mama's?  



What I CAN do is help spread the love in the Mama celebration month of May. Mother’s Day is moments away (Sunday 13th May.. but you knew that didn’t you!) and I wanted to give you guys the chance to grab a special Mama WORTH FAM BAM CLR PRINT-22WORTH FAM BAM CLR PRINT-22www.poppypeterson.com.au session to give to your special Mama in your life (or if your hubby’s hidden talent is leaving your Mother’s Day gift to the last minute.. get him to drop me a line/ drop him not so subtle hints/ print out this post and stick it to his windscreen!)







Here is it:



On Location Family Session  (Illawarra/ Macarthur area)

1 handmade (and super beautiful gift voucher mailed to you, with a mini gift included. Check out the pic of the voucher... I'll wrap it up in pretty brown paper with velvet ribbons and Postman Pat will deliver it!).

15 beautifully edited images of your choice from your private online gallery.

Upgrade the package to receive the entire gallery for an additional $175 and receive a BONUS 8x10 mounted print, ready to be popped into a frame.



This package is usually $400 with a $300 upgrade for the entire gallery. So it’s a good one!!! I am only offering 5 of these packages so get in quick!


french early grey teafrench early grey tea

I can’t wait to celebrate more beautiful Mama’s!


Or, if you are just after a cute little shoot of your bebe, check out my BUBBLE + SPLASH mini session!!


XOX’s Pops




Vouchers are non-refundable but can be transferred within the dates.

Voucher is for immediate family only (up to 5 members, please ask about rates for additional family members)

Voucher is for Family Session only.

If you would like to purchase the upgrade, that needs to be done whilst purchasing the voucher. The upgrade will not be available once this promotion has been purchased. The upgrade will increase to the original price as per the Family Package.

No other offer can be used toward this offer.

Valid until Dec 30th, 2018




(Poppy Peterson Photography) baby baby photographer beach family photoshoot beach photoshoot family photographer family photoshoot illawarra photographer kiama natural newborn photographer newborn newborn photoshoot newborn session poppy peterson photography shellcove photographer shellharbour' sunset photoshoot sydney sydney photographer wollongong photographer http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/i-love-mums---here-is-why-and-a-special-mothers-day-package Tue, 17 Apr 2018 08:41:30 GMT
YOUR NEWBORN SESSION - WHEN, WHERE, GALLERIES + DELIVERY http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/your-newborn-session---what-to-expect-when-you-re-expecting-poppy-peterson-photography CHATTING THROUGH THE LITTLE DETAILS TO HELP CAPTURE THOSE ONCE IN A LIFETIME SINGLE DIGIT DAYS OF YOUR LITTLE ONE.



into the wildinto the wild



My first word of advice is that there is no such thing as being too prepared for your newborn session - if you know you love a newborn photographer then its best to try and book them in advance. Much like in the wedding world of photography, newborn photographers can book out fast. I will always do whatever I can to happy snap a last minute booking, so don’t be shy to drop me a line to double check on availability. I would recommend you book your due date around your 20 week scan to avoid disappointment (I have even received bookings from 8 weeks pregnant- so feel free to say hi at any  time!).



Once you are home, settled and loved up in that bubble of newborn fog, we start chatting about what date best suits you all within the  first 10 days of your little one’s life.  My ideal time is between 7-10 days old. The reason for this is that your darling little one is still quite sleepy and naturally their body curls up just as it did in your belly. This means we can capture your little one in some stunning womb-like positions, blissfully asleep and as an added bonus, the  milk spots have yet  to arrive so we can capture their amazingly, perfect skin. The belly button may or may not have fallen off and your little one may have just started to peel off their first layer of skin (call me crazy - but peeling feet and hands are one of my favourite little pieces to capture during our macro photography componant). I have an incredible macro lens that magnifies your babies beautiful smoochy lips, fresh-out-of-your-belly soft feet and curly, long fingers. 


After the first two weeks of life, your sleepy little neck nuzzler may suddenly wake up! Wind and restlessness can sometimes poke it’s head up in your lives (never fun..!) along with baby acne starting to appear. Also, the 6 week shots can throw another curve ball your way.  We can certainly happy snap within the first 3 weeks of life - we just run the risk of snoozy images becoming less likely (though definitely not impossible). However, those bright eyes staring straight down the camera can be pretty incredible - it’s really up to what you are after.


If you are worried you have missed the boat entirely when your bubba is 8 -10 weeks old and you suddenly wished you had arranged a newborn session, do not worry! These sessions are amazing - you have generally recovered from the extreme exhaustion, feeding has been well established, you have survived your first round of immunisation and your little one will be showing oodles of personality and heart-bursting smiles. Sleepy, curly images become just that little bit harder to capture - but smiles and sparkly eyes make up for that.. dont you think?



The total number of images within an album really depends on the shoot and how your baby is going on the day (hence timing can be so helpful when it comes to capturing a settled bubba). - this will determine how many set ups we can achieve. My guilty pleasure is overshooting a session so I will likely come out of a shoot with 700 - 900 shots. I pull these back to the top 50 - 100 images so you can make your selection from there. Have a look at this dishy little album for Baby Tilly who was divine in her session - this whole album went home with her parents as it was simply too hard for them to choose. Upgrades are easy to do with your package and I try and help you achieve your dream package with payment plans and flexile arrangements.


A lovely note from one of my beautiful families.. see more kind words here.

"Thank you so much Poppy for your tender touch when photographing our baby boy, Asher. You were so calm and seemed so much at ease with him… it was really beautiful to watch… we had tears streaming when we saw the images... It’s important to get the right person- and that is definitely you- the baby whisperer! Much love and thanks!" 

Alexi McDonald



I get a little crazy excited about your album so I get a sneak peak over to you within 24 hours and I edit your whole gallery within 3 weeks. I know there are a number of excited family members busting to see your beautiful new family member so I try and get it out to you as fast as I can!



Early birds are a dream to capture - we still wait until you get home and I will approach the session as I would a usual newborn. I will ask you about your little ones health - if there are any complications I need to be aware of having only just made it home from hospital. We will always try the posing portraits which usually will be fine, some early bubba’s are still quite sleepy. However if your litttle one just wants to be in your arms, we will create a session that completely facilitates what your little one (and no doubt you) need. 



It is becoming more and more common for parents to request the whooping cough vaccine be had prior to meeting their precious baby for the first time - I get it completely. And yes - I am completely up to date with  my vaccines! I am also trained in infant CPR and have created my work flow in  consultation with an  antenatal nurse. Your baby’s safety is always my primary concern before creating a perfect image and with my years of baby handling experience I have a workflow that is both beautiful and safe.


Yep! I sure do!!! I will never forget the planning and packing (pretty much the kitchen sink went in our car) the first time we left the house with my first born. I wouldn't wish that upon another Mother of a newborn.. so the solution was simple.. I pack up my car and jump on the road and come to you! I request that parents don’t touch their house, I hope they answer the door in their PJs and trust that I have eyes only for your baby (not the pile of washing in your laundry). I also have two young children under five and a ten year old step son.. so I am no stranger to domestic chaos. This year I have shot from Shellharbour to Sydney, Coogee, Ryde, Alexandria and Five Dock as well as Canberra, Wagga Wagga and jumped on a plane and  ventured to sunny Brisbane!



You may not feel like getting in front of my big camera at the time, and I completely understand that you may not be feeling your best. However, years from now I can assure you that your little one will want to see images of them with their Mum and Dad.. trust me. I have a number of ways to capture your little one in your arms with the main focus on your little one.. you are in the picture however the way we create the moments for you, you will barely notice. I am more than happy to only focus on your baby if you would wish though - you just let me know how you feel on the day.  ASHER DELIVERY BW-7ASHER DELIVERY BW-7



Well - I have just written a fun little blog which you can see here - it should start to paint a picture for some style ideas.. otherwise let’s start styling a look together! The bonus to being at home for your sessions is that if something doesn’t quite work - you are only metres away from your entire wardrobe!



Drop me a line and let's start arranging the details for your perfect newborn session. Have a look at my gallery, insta or facebook and let me know what your wish list images are that we can add to your shot list. Don't forget I have milestone packages and maternity+newborn packages depending on how much of your journey you would like to capture.


I genuinely love capturing your stories and my families seem to genuinely love capturing them with me.. and for this, well.. I still pinch myself!

XOX's Pops

I loved you from the start..-2I loved you from the start..-2













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WHAT TO WEAR - STYLING YOUR SESSION WITH POPS http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/4/what-to-wear---styling-your-session-with-pops WHAT TO WEAR FOR YOUR SESSION..

Let's chat styling with Pops - Poppy Peterson Photography

One of the most frequently asked questions I get after we have locked in our family or newborn session - and one of my favourite! I support you every step of the way - and this starts with styling your session!




Colour palettes are a great way to begin planing your session - no need to hit the shops. You will find that your family already has an innate style, in your wardrobes (or on your toddle's floor-drobe if you have a child like mine!).. it's just about balancing it all on the one day for your session.

Think about the location we are shooting - pastels usually are a safe place to start and look so dreamy for a beach session. And popping a feature outfit on your little one/s can work beautifully - nautical stripes or pretty florals are perfect!

If we shooting are in green, lush surrounds such as a garden, the bush or a quarry - getting into contrasts with dark greys, blacks with colour pops of deep reds and navy blues can look absolutely amazing.




In-home sessions with newborns are pretty easy to plan, as if the outfit isn't quite right we just play dress ups on the day. Mama's generally have some lovely flowing dresses already (as we need to be kind to their tummies) and some great solid solid tops (be careful of breast-feeding clips on tops - thick strap singlets can cover these up really nicely though). I really like my Dad's to have a solid colour on - dark blues and blacks are great as when we get to the Daddy and Me portraits the contrast of Dad's shirt really frames how beautifully tiny your little one is.. timeless and simple.

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So - I LOVE hats on little ones. Oversized floppy hats are SUCH fun. Playing peek-a-boo or just seeing a cheeky grin popping out underneath one of Mama's big sun hats is pretty irresistible.. 

Shoes - nothing undoes a gorgeous outfit more than scrappy running shoes.. not that I have ever had this problem. Usually our sessions are barefoot bandit families running around having too much fun. But if you want shoes on - pretty please remember we will see them. Thongs are totally fine if it works with your outfit.

Scarves create beautiful layering and colour popping opportunities. 

Sentimental pieces - think about what is precious to you (but remember we will be quite active during our session so please keep this in mind in terms of losing anything). If you were given some beautiful earrings for mothers day, your eternity band, your Dad's watch or Mum's necklace. These can add beautiful touches to a portrait.



First things first.. if we have booked a session together obviously you have AMAZING taste (haha. no but really.. you do!) - so, I know double denim wont be an issue. 

The following items may make me leg it at our session..

- T-Shirts with big writing on it OR (and I have yet to have this turn up to a session..) an image that might be fun to pull out on a boys night (ahem..) but not so great for a family "forever" pic.


- Families all wearing white T-Shirt's and jeans.. yep.. I know you would never.. but hey, it has now been officially said!


- full pockets in pants. So.. something that is EASILY forgotten is how chunky phones, wallets and keys can look in well fitting pants. Try to empty out your pockets before a shoot - I always have a bag with me that I carry all my clients things in (tissues, bandaids and safe spots for sunniness included).


Clients often send me flat lays of outfit combos before a shoot (yay for camera phones!). Drop me a line and lets get planning for your next stylish, loved up, BEEAAAUUUTTTTIFUL  session.

xox's Pops



PS - shopping hot spots for me include:

For little ones: 







For Mama:





For Dad's:











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DISCOVERING ASHER: 6 Days young, newborn session http://poppypeterson.com.au/blog/2018/1/discovering-asher-6-days-young-newborn-session HOW IT BEGAN..

Each session begins in a different way – some Mama’s contact me months before their due date, some book in a maternity and then follow up with the newborn and some come about from loving friends wanting to give the gift of photography to celebrate the arrival of their latest urban family member. This was the case with Baby Asher’s newborn shoot. Rachel called me up weeks before Asher was due and arranged for me to send a special newborn session info pack to her dearest friend’s, Alexi and Nick.. and then weeks later, I received an exciting text letting me know that a very special little man had arrived safely into his Mum and Dad’s arms, Asher McDonald!  Asher Newborn Shoot - ForestvilleHi!

The first thing Lexi thought when she met Asher was “I Cant believe it.. is he OK? Look how big he is..”. All 4.93KGs and 60cm of delicious perfection, Master Asher.. born on Wednesday, 21st Nov at 7.28pm at North Shore Private Hospital. Asher was welcomed into the world by his kick bum parents, as well as his Aunty Emma and Lexi’s Mum, Elaine.

Newborn Baby Asher: sleepingNewborn Baby Asher: sleeping ON THE DAY...

So, on Asher’s sixth day of life, I packed up my car with (waaaaay too many.. which is my standard!) beautiful wraps, pillows, blankets, camera gear and I headed off to Forestville to Nick and Lexi’s stunning home. When I arrived, Lexi was feeding Asher and was the picture of Motherhood. Both she and Nick were so relaxed and confident - it was like they had done all of this before. The day was a typical summer day and the sunshine through the windows was more than enough to keep Asher warm throughout the shoot – in fact we had to stop a few times for us all to cool down! Asher was most happy in the arms of his parents and because of this, we quickly moved on to a lifestyle shoot and captured some of those “I-just-want-to-bottle-this-up” moment’s.. oh, how I love how photography freezes time!

Asher Newborn Photoshoot: in mothers arms

After a shoot, I ask my parents if they have any advice for someone who may be thinking of getting a newborn session – and Lexi’s words were so lovely, I had to share:

Do it! Even if you’re not sure… it’s the most wonderful memory to have and Poppy’s touch was so special. It’s such a wonderful momento to have…and now he is 6 weeks I can barely remember those first few precious days… It’s important to get the right person- and that is definitely you- the baby whisperer!”

Asher Newborn Photoshoot 6 days Macro Lifestyle Asher Newborn Photoshoot 6 days Macro Lifestyle Asher Newborn Photoshoot 6 days Macro Lifestyle Asher Newborn Photoshoot 6 days Macro Lifestyle


Congratulations Lexi and Nick on your beautiful family of three – I adored capturing your early days and I’m thrilled you have the entire gallery of our session to remember that time of Asher coming into your arms, forever and always. 

xx Pops

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