Finally! My Signature Frame Has Arrived!

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Printing your photos to create beautiful pieces for your home.


I AM SO EXCITED!!! As in, Christmas, birthday, Easter, times 1000 excited! Here is the story of how my all-time dream frame came to life. And as a geeky photographer, no doubt you can imagine this is a subject close to my fluttery, photo-loving heart. Getting my families images off the screen and into my home.


Here is my video on my all-time fave new piece!



To Begin...

So, we have had your session, you have waited to see your sneak peek of your photo shoot, you have ummed and ahh'd over your favourite selects from your newborn photo session or perhaps it was a family shoot on location with me in Wollongong (the Illawarra has the most incredible locations!) or a maternity shoot in my studio..  however we happy snapped your beautiful faces, you now have some precious forever images in your gallery on your computer.


Family Session image selection to printingFamily Session image selection to printing

And then..?

OK - so the next step is... PRINTING! I was at this point recently after grabbing my children for a quick update session (they grow and change so quickly that my prints of them from last year were in need of some updating). As I sat, looking at my favourite shot from the session I started to think, if I could display it in any way in the world - how would I choose to do it?  Would it be a canvas, a floating frame, acrylic, traditional standard framing... I thought, "Pops! This is totally up your alley - you love photography, you love interior design, you have a kick bum printer and well.. hurry up and make this happen!". So online I went, hello Pinterest stalking/ googling/ screenshotting and so, my brainstorming began. I threw some pics to my printer with an email apologising for my crazy out-of-the-box idea, asking if he could help me. And boy, did he ever! He called me in for a meeting, assured me I wasn't as nutty as I thought (I am sure he has to say that!) and we began looking at the MOST spectacular papers and timbers along with solutions and concepts to create this dream frame of mine. We juggled different combinations of quality materials to create a beautiful piece whilst maintaining affordability.


Getting down to dollars and cents..

I kept in mind that my client's budgets may vary, however, what is consistent across the board is their impeccable taste and style - we created this frame to allow multiple budgets to access a crisp, contemporary and high-end piece for their walls that is still affordable.

Obviously, a Kmart frame is always going to cost less - and sure, they are great for quick additions if you are in a hurry or if you simply don't have the funds to invest. I get it. But it will never be perfect (the backs of the frames ping out, the "glass" is often perspex and the plastic frames scratch and chip incredibly easily - on a side note, tell me, what have you used to close those fiddlyy frames.. spoons, hammers, shoes? And don't get me started on the nail spliting I have endured from those frames years ago) and it will never be at the museum grade that my printer delivers. Creating your print with me is investing in bespoke craftsmanship that is hand checked four times before delivery, prints are dried for a week before being placed behind glass, you are acquiring an heirloom, archival piece that genuinely will last a lifetime. And sure, I am probably one of the most sentimental people you will meet (hey! I crafted my career around capturing memories! so, no surprises there really),  but I feel there are few things more valuable than documenting and preserving your families story, your little ones fast and milestone-full early years.


I personally make the choice to celebrate these oh-so-fleeting moments in our home. Although time seems to speed by as you look back at how quickly your little ones have grown, when this frame went up on my wall, I kicked back with my cup of tea and re-lived our windy afternoon playing in the grass with our kidlettes. I would trade my Mimco baby bag for that in a heart beat (and guess what, the Mimco bag cost more!).


Make it your own.. it's all yours.

Every frame can be customised with and without torn edges, image bleeds and paper choices - this signature frame is how I choose to display my forever images in my home and if it is almost you, but not quite, I can tweak it to suit exactly what you have in mind. Through this process, I have so enjoyed the realisation of concept to completion. A crazy idea is now hanging on my wall, with my beautiful little cherubs smiling out at me giving me a silly smile... and now I want to make that journey available to you.


To celebrate this beautiful piece being added to my collection, I have a very special price available for a limited time. I just love it SO much, I want everyone I happy snap to have it! Call me crazy - if I could do an Oprah "YOU GET A FRAME AND  YOU GET A FRAME AND YOU GET A FRAME" moment, I would. And hey, if my bank balance is ever as lush as Oprah's, believe me.. you will ALL get a gallery full of frames!!!  Until then, here is my very special package - for you to enjoy your very own  Signature Frame, to tell your story! And if you are thinking about a Mothers Day pressie, Gift Certificates are also available.


Signature Frame Debut Special Price - Limited time.

For a limited time, I am thrilled to offer this beautiful frame at a significantly reduced price to make it that little bit easier for you to have such a luxurious and beautiful piece up on your wall, making you smile! 

10 x 14" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $220 

14 x 20" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $280 (as pictured above)

18 x 26" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $350

12 x 12 fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $220

17 x 17" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $280

22 x 22" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $350 


Custom Print Frame Tasmanian oak Fine Art PaperCustom Print Frame Tasmanian oak Fine Art Paper














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