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AccessoriesAccessories Launching my Cake Smash package and an adorable bonus to the next 3 bookings! Read the blog for more details!




I have been turning cake smashes away for years- why?? Well, to be honest, the idea of bunting and bow ties just wasn’t in line with my style. I love pure imagery- soft natural light and a complete focus on capturing your child’s gorgeousness in their own beautiful world. This is why.. what is more beautiful than your child? The answer is, there really is nothing more beautiful than your child!! Plain and simple. And to me, tutus, bow ties and bunting distract from what we really want to capture in that time capsule. Your child! Hence I never did cake smashes. 


So what changed?


A rather fabulous photographer friend of mine suggested that perhaps I should re-think my idea of what a cake smash was. It doesn’t have to be full of bunting, bow ties and tutus. She said "make it yours!" So.. I did!! I stopped looking at Pinterest and thinking of reasons why I wont do these sessions and just thought hard on what I could do to give people like me a smash they would actually want to display in years to come. So, yes! I now do cake smashes!! And, No! I don’t do Bunting! Think of my cake smash like the quintessential Audrey-hepburn-black-dress.. it won’t date with fashion fads, its classic, purposeful and looks darn good.. always!




What is it then?

It is airy- joyous- elegant- timeless- tasteful (and tasty!) and most importantly, it's simply celebrating and capturing the gorgeous features of your little one. We will be giving them the experience of a cake smash and capturing their inquisitive and amusing reaction's. We will be using beautiful stands from Emerald and Ella (that look fabulous and are also safe and made of wood so won't hurt your Littles if pulled on top of them). I have the most exquisite custom made floral pieces from the US. Two choices of a vintage baby bath tub to have a bubble bath in and some irresistible bed set ups from Adair’s and Sheridan for the mama and me cuddles.. 

Oh and I should mention my dishy studio wardrobe of sizes 0-1, which includes adorable designer pieces from Lacey Lane, Hubble + Duke, Jamie Kaye and more!!

winter 2019winter 2019


So now.. I love a good smashing of cake!!

I get to play and giggle along with you and your little one (whilst happy snapping of course!). Capturing those hard-worked-for thigh rolls (thanks Mama!) wrapped around the base of a cake stand holding a delicious cake or yoghurt covered watermelon.. yep.. we do that too. Mummy getting a good neck nuzzling whilst drying off her little one after a bath. Those first wobbly Steps with or without Mama (and that look they get as they realise they have done it on their own!! That look only lasts such a short while.. then bam! they have figured it out and they’re running.. fast.. generally with you after them.. down a supermarket aisle!). And good luck resisting those cheeky grins whilst splashing water in my organic bubble Bath. I. Love. That!!




So, if you are after a cake smash or first birthday photo shoot for your almost one year old.. but most of what you’ve seen online is not quite your style.. perhaps my fresh take on a smash is just your thing! I find my families come to me because they want something different.. and this is what I will give you too! Bubble + Splash, Smash, Bubble + Splash or the whole Experience of Mama and me, smash + splash! Gosh! There are options but I will guide you through each step and create the most delightful Images for You to keep for always. 



The first 3 cake smashes to book will receive a bonus Mummy and Me add on worth $95! So quick- drop me a line as these packages will book fast. Packages start from $275 and further details are available on my website here.


I cannot wait to capture the gloriouslu messy, delight-filled moments of your little one soon!


xox Pops



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