Hello heirloom, museum grade frames! These stunning pieces will last for generations - the prints are dried for over a week before being placed behind glass and framed by hand here in the Illawarra.. stunning pieces to invest in to preserve your precious memories. I have many other options and combinations available - just drop me a line to begin designing your very own wall art collection.



NEW! Signature Frame

It's finally here! The long awaited, all-my-favorite-things-in-a-frame, frame!! I designed this piece over a number of months with my printer as a continuation of the aesthetic I create in my imagery. A luxurious and fresh piece to fit perfectly in your home. This is how I display my images in my home and I do not doubt you will love it as much as I do. 




Custom Print Frame Tasmanian oak Fine Art PaperCustom Print Frame Tasmanian oak Fine Art Paper


Signature Frame

10 x 14" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $320 

14 x 20" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $380 (as pictured above)

18 x 26" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $445

12 x 12 fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $325

17 x 17" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $380

22 x 22" fine art print & Tasmanian oak frame $425


Standard 8x10 framed print:




Standard Frame Pricing: 

Standard frames come in your choice of black, white or walnut. We have absolutely stunning Tasmanian oak (oh, so scandi!) upgrades along with intricate frame moulds available... just ask... displaying your beautiful images is a favourite topic of mine!

5" x 7" standard  frame                     $70
8"x10" standard  frame                    $130
11 x14" standard  frame                  $280
16"" x 20"  standard frame              $350
24"x36"" standard   frame               $600



Custom designed Multi frame with Tasmanian Oak hand made frame:

CONFESSION ALERT: The multi print, mounted frame is my favourite way to display a session- it allows you to tell the story of your little one's arrival or the beautiful time with your family on the beach or in a meadow (or however we spent our session!).. having multiple images in one frame, displayed in this way, adds such warmth and love to your room once hung. And needless to say a fabulous smile maker every time you walk past it!




This frame can be customised any way you like - however, above is:


STORY FRAME - Tasmanian Oak, Satin print

16x20" print with 3, 5x7" prints.




Floating canvas in Tasmanian Oak frame

I am not a canvas lover. Well, I wasn't until I was shown this stunning piece by my very talented printer. I was easily sold as you can see - the quality of the craftsmanship is out of this world. The deep frame is beautifully assembled with straight lines and elegant spacing between the canvas and the timbre. This beautiful piece converted me to a canvas lover.. it will do the same to you!





Canvas Pricing:

Floating Tasmanian oak  frame canvas

10"x10"      $175

11"x14"      $250

20" x 20"    $350

16" x 24"    $390 (as pictured above)


Unframed stretch canvas, not picture here but viewable in my video here:

8"x10"        $100
11" x14"     $130
16" x 20"    $200
24"x36"      $400

More sizes available upon request.